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We specialise in Colonic Hydrotherapy and Ultralipo, the lastest fat-loss treatment using ultrasound technology.​​ Our ethos here is simple; to achieve the art of inner health and we aim to do this by offering a variety of  health-kick-start therapies and tailor made treatment plans to suit your needs.  

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Colonic Hydrotherapy is able to help an extraordinary 
andwide ranging list of illnesses and discomfort. It is also able to prevent these illnesses from happening in the first place. Anyone who is unable to move the bowel comfortably and regularly will benefit from colonic hydrotherapy. So too will anyone with a Western European diet, or people suffering from stress because there is a direct relationship between general health and Colon health, it is sensible to preventatively treat and cleanse the colon regularly, and modify diet and stress habits.

Get the body you deserve with with the latest fat-loss treatment using ultrasound technology. After puberty, fat cells remain constant in number and change their size and volume according to the fat content the body stores.  This fat often assumes abnormal proportions in areas such as, thighs, hips, stomach and arms.


Our UltraLipo treatment uses ultrasound waves delivered in pulses to break down this excess fat.  Unlike surgical liposuction there are no incisions. The ultrasound energy which is delivered through the skin's surface is a painless treatment and you are able to continue your normal activities immediately after treatment.

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