Bio-energiser Detox Foot Spa

Our modern lifestyle often means that we don’t exercise enough,

we ingest unhealthy food and drinks, get stressed and don’t look

after ourselves properly. At a cellular level we need to maintain a

balance between positive and negative ions in order for our cells to

work correctly, taking in vital nutrients and excreting waste. But an

unhealthy lifestyle means the balance is disturbed, creating more

positive ions which inhibit the cell function. The Bio-energiser detox

foot spa treatment creates negative ions, which draw positively

charged toxins out through the feet and into the saline solution.

This rebalances the cells and helps them eliminate waste more


Detox Foot Spa - Long term benefits

This treatment is designed to re-balance your body. The Bio -energiser detox foot spa rebalances positive and negative ions in the body, creating renewed energy levels and gently gets rid of unwanted toxins. If the spa is used regularly, your body also starts to release stored toxins, bringing about long term benefits. The treatment takes about half an hour because this is the time it takes for all your blood to fully circulate once around your body, passing through your feet which have a maximum number of pores, and lots of blood vessels close to the skin surface. Hence a detox foot spa is an ideal way to help your body cleanse itself and improve waste elimination.