Collonic Irrigation FAQ

What is Colonic Irrigation?
Colonic Irrigation is the process of introducing warm and filtered water into the colon in order to assist the bowel in the removal of waste matter. It is a complete cleansing process that also assists in toning up the colon muscles and so supports conditions such as IBS and constipation.


What is the difference between Colon Hydrotherapy and Colonic Irrigation?
None. These are both names for the same procedure. Other names include "colonic" "high colonic" and "colon lavage".

Is Colonic Irrigation the same as an enema?
An enema is usually a medical procedure used for clearing the colon using a single infusion of water to the colon, unlike multiple infusions used in colonic hydrotherapy. Colonic irrigation will clean the entire length of the colon, whilst Enemas cleanse the lower part of the colon. At the end of the enema procedure the client will have to sit on the toilet to pass residual water and stools, during colonic hydrotherapy however all faecal matter is passed into the system.

Can I eat before a session of Colonic Irrigation?
We recommend that the meal you have prior to your session is a light one. We also recommend that you do not eat for two hours before your colonic session.

What can I eat after a Colonic treatment?
We recommend that you eat lightly for the next 24 hours. The session gives the colon a good workout and so needs a little time to rest. Avoid foods that are heavy and difficult to digest.

Can I drink Alcohol?
As always, restraint and responsibility are the key words. Alcohol is best avoided for 24 hours after a colonic.

Are there any side effects?
Colonic Irrigation is a completely safe process with no side effects.

Is it safe?
Colonics are medically approved procedures and are carried out using strict sterilisation processes. They are intrinsically safe. For your protection the entire Colon Hydrotherapy system is sterilised between treatments and fresh clean towels are provided for each client. The water used is heated to around body temperature and goes through a special filtration and sterilisation process.

Could the water pressure damage the colon?
No. For your safety the water is transferred to a small tank within the Colon Hydrotherapy system. It is then fed into the colon under low gravity.

Is Colonic Irrigation suitable for everyone?
Colonic irrigation is inappropriate in certain specific circumstances, for example if you are recovering from recent colon surgery. Before we start any treatment we will ask a few questions about your health to ensure that colonics are suitable for you.

How many treatments are required?
There is no simple answer to this. Everyone is individual and so we make our recommendations to suit each client. Like going to the gym, a number of Hydrotherapy sessions is usually beneficial.

Will I always get the same therapist?
We have a number of trained Colonic Hydrotherapists. If you request treatment from the same therapist, we will normally be able to comply with your requests.

What qualifications do the therapists have?
Our therapists are all fully trained. They have certificates from either I-ACT, The International Association for Colon Therapists or from ARCH, The Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists.

What if my doctor recommends I do not have Colonic Irrigation now?
We would expect to work with your medical practitioner  If Colon Hydrotherapy is not recommended by your doctor at the current time, we respect that request. Many of our clients, however, are receiving their treatment at the recommendation of their doctors.

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy recommended as part of a Detox program?
Yes. The colon is a key organ in the elimination of toxins. A "Detox" is designed to remove toxic materials from the body and particularly the liver, where they accumulate. Many of the toxins are eliminated via the gall bladder and through the intestines. If these are sluggish, there is a risk of the toxins being re-absorbed. Hence colonic irrigation, by assisting the removal of waste will assist in a detox program. Please consult us so that we can develop a program of colonics to support your detox.

Can Colonic Irrigation be used to treat constipation?
Many of our clients have found a series of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions effective for constipation. The procedure makes the colon muscles work, so building up their strength. By repeating the process over a few months, their strength can be restored. Together with possible changes in diet, Colonic Irrigation can have a dramatic impact on constipation.

Is Colonic Hydrotherapy useful for IBS?
Most of our clients who suffer from IBS have received enormous benefit from their colonics and considerable relief from the IBS symptoms.

Will it hurt?
Colonic Hydrotherapy is a relatively painless procedure. For most of our clients the procedure is painless and enjoyable. Some discomfort may be caused by tensing the muscles so it is important to relax. Sometimes the colon muscles will contract suddenly during the session. This feels like a cramp and is an indication that the colonic is giving benefit by making the muscles work. These episodes, if they occur, are short and easily tolerated.

How will I feel afterwards?
After a colonic, our clients usually feel lighter, cleaner and refreshed. A feeling of elation is common and so we recommend a little caution.
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Will Colonics help me lose weight?
Yes, in conjunction with a good diet and suitable exercise. Colonic Hydrotherapy will support the elimination of toxins and assist in the toning up of the body.

Can I have a Colonic whilst I have my period?
Medically there is no problem. Colonics can be done during a period although some of our clients prefer to wait a few days.

Will a Colonic remove all the good bacteria flora from my gut?
The colon irrigation process will certainly wash out a lot of bacteria. The good bacteria flourishes in the clean environment produced by the colonic and so will rapidly multiply.