About your colon...


The Colon, or Large Intestine, is a vital part of the

digestive system. In the average individual, it is 

approximately 5 feet in length and 2-3 inches in 

diameter. The Colon is responsible for many functions 

in the body, such as the elimination of waste and toxins, 

absorption of the water, and the manufacture of various

vitamins by 'friendly' bacteria. Bacteria in the colon are 

also responsible for detoxifying many waste products and make up over 50% of the dry weight faecal matter.

Not all bacteria in the colon are friendly and beneficial to health - the delicate balance of your bowels microflora (bowel bacteria) is largely dependant on your diet. A healthy colon is a self cleansing organ. However, modern day eating habits as well as stress and other factors all inhibit the health of the colon. This is particularly prevalent in the western world where high consumption meat, dairy, wheat, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are the norm, and consumption of water, fruit, vegetables, unrefined grains and other high-fibre foods are often minimal. High stress levels have dramatic effects on the bowel and on digestion, slowing down the passage of food and increasing its chances of fermentation. The combination of stress and poor diet greatly increases the possibility of 'auto-toxicity' (self poisoning).

The colon is the body's sewerage and recycling plant. In order for it to function efficiently, it must be relatively clean and kept free from encrusted deposits. It must also have normal tone (elasticity) and motility (ability to propel its contents) to enable it to properly evacuate its waste.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy at Broomfield Clinic...

Colonic Hydrotherapy at Broomfield Clinic...

Process includes a consultation, Iridology, Tongue anaylisis, blood pressure test as well as a full medical history consultation form and alternative health therapy and dietry advice. During treatment, coffee enema and various bowel cleansing  herbal enemas will be used. These are all organic and natural herb tinctures.
During a session a lot of bad bacteria is removed but only a small amount of good is removed. After treatment one is advised to take probiotic supplements for at least a month to help balance & restore the bowels good bacteria.​

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