EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Tapping emotional healing in minutes, simple

acupressure techniques for your emotions. EFT

has been designed to directly interact with the

energy system, rebalancing and stabilizing the

disruption that occurs when distressing emotion

is experienced. This enables our energies to

flow freely again leaving us relaxed and at


An EFT session involves gently tapping a

sequence of meridian points on the body with

fingertips. The simple yet powerful technique

re- balances the energies of the body, releasing

unwanted emotions and allowing an inner

sense of calm to return. It creates freedom from

emotional problems or issues that may have

troubled you for years. in itself, EFT appears to

hold the answer to many modern day emotional

difficulties such as stress, phobias, insecurities

and depression this treatment can be applied in any circumstance regardless of the comtion or situation