We aim to promote total well-being from the inside out. We take great care to ensure that the surroundings and service we provide are matched with treatments and remedies which are professional, discreet and have natural health benefits. 

Initially you’ll contact the clinic either to enquire or book an appointment.

At this stage your therapist may ask questions about your lifestyle and objectives to better advise you and devise a suitable plan for you. This telephone call won’t last long but will give us an idea about what it is you want to change or achieve about your health.


During your appointment we will always conduct a thorough consultation. This is usually the time when your therapist will be able to clearly identify your individual needs and offer a tailored treatment plan which best suits you and your life.


We treat a variety of people, from all walks of life, and have been for the past 17+ years. So, we’re certain we can work around anything.  

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