Non-Invasive, Pain free and Effective. 

Ultrasound is now being utilised by the medical and beauty

communities: Physiotherapists and sports therapists are now using

ultrasound to help repair muscle tissues that have been traumatised

from injury, accident or illness. The ultrasound energy has the specific

effect of enhancing the healing process.

Now ultrasound has been identified for the effects produced on

cellulite and hard fat conditions. As the ultrasound energy agitates

the cells helping break up dense areas and remove waste products,

it is found to have a marked improvement on the texture of the hard

fat and cellulite.

The length of course you choose depends of a variety of factors; how much fat you want to lose, your current size and your budget.

As a guide, a course of 3 will tighten and tone, a course of 6 will lose enough fat to drop a dress size, a course of 12 is ideal for the larger client who wants to drop a dress size, while a course of 24 is ideal for clients who have a number of areas they want to target.


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